Volume & Issue: Volume 3, Issue 1, June 2023 
Evaluation of intensive care unit acquired weakness in patients with sepsis

Pages 7-19

Mostafa M Elkholy; Mohammed A Osman; Ahmed S Abd El Basset; Sameh Kamal El Maraghi; Hamdy M Saber

Vitamin D as a laboratory predictor of mortality in COVID-19 patients admitted in intensive care

Pages 44-56

Kerollos Nader Naguib; Sherif Medhat Sabry; Mohamed Abd Alkader Abo Hamila; Ahme Yassin El-sisi

Impact of Malnutrition in Critically Ill Patients on Intensive Care Unit

Pages 57-69

Khalaf Ibrahim Eldehily; Mohamed Fouad Tawfik; Mohamed Bakry Elkholy; Sherif Medhat Sabry

Prediction of (Covid-19) Patients Outcomes by Lung Ultrasound Score

Pages 70-80

Mohamed B. El Kholy; David Nabil Hindi Neseam; Hamdy Saber; Mohamed A. Hamila